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Energy Datamatrix Platform

Energy Datamatrix

Smart Energy Platform

Energy Management Leveraging Artificial Intelligence













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Energy Datamatrix

Smart Energy Management Platform

Integrated utility management solutions for Buildings and Factories

Energy Genie

The Artificial Intelligence that helps you optimize energy

Simple Plug and Play & Advanced Plant Virtualization

Be it your Home, Farm, Office or Factory

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way you manage energy

Case Study

Case Study-1:

Energy Platform

Energy Management

A leading IT major in Pune


A leading information technology services and infrastructure services provider with headquarters in Pune, India. The company has operations and a customer base spanning 29 global locations.

The company engaged Datamatrix for Sustainable Building Management of their sprawling Head Office Complex at Pune spread across 6 buildings to further reduce energy consumption, manpower and operating cost.


Datamatrix deployed the Energy Management Platform to monitor the performance at all feeders in the Main MV Panels fed from 3 Transformers. Datamatrix has also engaged its ‘Virtual Chiller Plant’ for monitoring and optimizing performance of the Central Chiller Plant. The project is remotely monitored by Datamatrix and continuous optimization is implemented on an ongoing basis.

The feeder level monitoring helps to identify the excessive consumption and take remedial action online


The project has identified significant energy saving potential without any further investment, through operational optimization. Savings to the extent of 8% is achieved through the improved house keeping with monitoring and Artificial Intelligence alerts. The condition monitoring over a period of time is systematically reducing the maintenance cost and cost of ownership of assets at an average 3% reduction per year.

Case Study-2:

Energy Platform

Energy and Carbon Footprint Monitoring Platform for SME

For Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation


Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation takes a leading role in supporting India's developmental and energy security objectives. The foundation on its process to assist the Small Scale Industry Sector has extended a Platform for Energy Management and Carbon footprint monitoring in association with the Small Scale Industrial Development Bank of India.


Datamatrix designed and developed the platform that helped the SME Sector and engaged a string of Industries for Foundry, Forging, Pulp & Paper, Diary, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Fisheries, Ice Making etc.

Monitor Carbon Foot Print

Monitor Energy Demand & Utilization


The platform has helped the industries to monitor the carbon footprint of the industry and manage their energy on a day to day basis, with exposure to modern techniques for energy management. Industries on an average have achieved energy saving to the extent of 6%, through operational optimization

The asset management opportunities are supported by the bank. The project has brought keen interest from Government Departments & FAO. The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology has entered into a Research Partnership with Datamatrix to benchmark, monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of the industry

Case Study-3:

Energy Platform

Optimizing Furnace Energy Consumption

A forging industry in Pune


High power consumption by Furnace


Datamatrix Energy Monitoring platform monitors the furnace energy consumption and production computing the furnace efficiency against each lot, and helps optimize furnace through machine learning algorithms


The data analytics reveals the optimum settings for least energy consumption.

This has reduced the energy consumption by 6%.

Case Study-4:

Energy Platform

Optimizing Forging Energy Consumption

A forging industry in Pune


The daily production and energy consumption shows significant variation in the performance of the plant.


Datamatrix optimizes forging productivity through the temperature-time-motion study. Datamatrix also monitors the energy consumption of major load centers and identifies the machine energy use. Smart algorithms analyzes the machine idle time during production and identifies optimization opportunities


Improved productivity by 4%

Energy Energy Genie

The Artificial Intelligence for Energy Management

Energy Genie identifies each specific load connected to an energy meter and creates a range of intelligent assistants for energy management, enabling continuous energy audit.

The system is capable of learning from the energy use pattern of the customer and advises them on real time energy optimization.

The system can also automate many routine functions and monitor and report the operations and can be used in the high end industrial applications of Datamatrix.

All Datamatrix Platforms and solutions can work together in tandem as a single integrated platform, applicable to home, office, farm and factories.