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Training Program for ‘Energy & Water Management’


One year Employment Ready Training

Datamatrix strives to meet a growing demand of trained personnel for sustainably managing energy, water and asset performance through intensive training programs. The course provides a deep understanding of the energy, water and asset performance and trains students with the tools to navigate optimum solutions, in an increasingly digital world. The seats are generally limited to our captive requirements and the industry demand. The course fee is based on the cost to the company.
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Customized Short Training Courses

Special Short Training Program designed for specific Industries - On demand
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Datamatrix Consultants

Datamatrix seeks independent consultants for various global locations for customer engagement and consulting for continuous performance optimization. The job responsibility may involve energy audit, and energy and water management services or data acquisition services.
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ESCO Partners

Datamatrix seeks strategic partners for ESCO engagement with the customer, across various global locations. Datamatrix Platforms provide an opportunity to optimize the performance upto 15% energy and water consumption of various utilities and it can be used as a tool for remote monitoring, analytics and automated Measurement & Verification.
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