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Virtual Plant Platforms

Virtual Chiller Plant

Plant Virtualization & Continuous Commissioning

Optimize Machine, System & Process Performance

Using Only Energy & Temperature Sensors













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ISO 50001


Case Study

Virtual Chiller Plant

The Challenges

The chiller plant is a system of systems, assembled from various manufacturers equipment

The performance needs to be tackled at an equipment, system and process level

The current practices seldom monitor the equipment performance and relate it to the system

The instrumentation cost would be too high to monitor and integrate equipment performance


Dynamic performance modeling of equipment performance and fluid flows

Integrated machine, system and process performance

Plant Virtualization & Continuous Commissioning

Case Study

Case Study-1:


Chiller Plant Virtualization & Continuous Commissioning

For one of the world's most iconic Automobile Manufacturers at their plant in Pune


Significant variation in daily performance and the cause cannot be identified

Lack of clarity as to what causes the variation in daily performance

Inability to optimize the performance for lack of dynamic knowledge on performance

Periodic maintenance often detects faults, when it is too late

Integrated Performance Management


Datamatrix Plant Virtualization provides visibility of dynamic performance of equipment and systems

The performance trends graphs relate the system performance to the cooling efficiency and spots lacunae online

Remote Monitoring & Analytics identify continuous improvement opportunities

Unique feature: The machine, system and process performance is derived using only energy meters for the equipment connected and temperature sensors at the main headers.

Monitor Equipment System & Process Performance

Relate Performance to all Sub Systems


9.5 % Reduction in Energy Consumption on account of Optimized Machine Sequencing

5.5% Reduction in Energy Consumption on account of Tracking Chiller Fouling & Machine deterioration, by taking timely action

Condition based Maintenance identifies fault development well before it occurs, improving the performance of the plant by 5.5%

Reduction in onsite manpower & skills, due to remote monitoring and analytics support

Case Study-2:

Plant Virtualization

Power Plant Virtualization (BOP)

For one of the largest Private Sector Power Producer in India


Performance & Condition Monitoring of Critical Plant Auxiliaries

Plant instrumentation is not available for monitoring equipment level performance

Automation and Integration of Performance & Condition Monitoring Critical Equipment


Virtualization of cooling system with tower pumps and fans and optimizing the cooling cycles yield significant savings

Real time Performance and condition monitoring of all major pumps fans.

Unique feature: The machine, system and process performance is derived using only energy meters for the equipment connected and temperature sensors at the main headers.


Performance Monitoring Identifies and implement 3% reduction in auxiliary power through optimum machine sequencing.

Condition Monitoring of critical auxiliary equipment and Predictive maintenance.

(Please Refer Virtual Metering for More Details)

Case Study-3:

Virtual Plant

Plant Virtualization of a leading fish processing plant, Kochi

A Leading Fish Products & Export Company in Kerala


The Fish Processing Industry is exposed to a wide variation in availability of its raw materials, labor, operating conditions etc., while it has to meet stringent environmental conditions inside the plant. The performance management and quality assurance has always been a challenge in the face of such wide variations.


Datamatrix has identified the challenge as an opportunity to optimize the performance and reduce cost, leveraging its platforms. The company has first connected the plant to its plaform for monitoring and analyzing the real time energy consumption and carbon footprint of the plant, using smart meters. With the help of real time energy use graphs the company was able to identify and shift much of the heavy load to nonpeak tariff hours, resulting in significant savings. This has led to an extension of the solution to various critical loads with dedicated metering for Energy Management for accurate and effective control. (Refer to a similar case study available on the ‘Energy Datamatrix’ Platform).

The Project is further extended to ‘Chiller Plant Virtualization & Continuous Commissioning'. The cold rooms were also monitored for real time temperature and BTU delivered. (Refer to similar case studies above) The unique feature of the Datamatrix solution is that the BTU and performance parameters are derived using only the energy meters and temperature sensors with the help of special algorithms developed and patented by Datamatrix. Datamatrix also provides onsite and offsite monitoring and advisory services for continuous improvements.


Energy management and Carbon footprint monitoring have yielded 9% reduction in cost, by shifting some of the load to non-peak tariff hours, improving the Power Factor incentives.

Plant Virtualization and continuous commissioning have reduced the chiller energy consumption by 15%. All these efforts put together havehelped to reduce the overall energy cost of the plant by 24 %

Overall energy consumption is reduced by 24%

All storage and freezing facilities are remotely monitored for temperature variation and graphical reports are generated daily for quality assurance.

Daily energy use against production is monitored and any significant variation is analyzed in detail, as a part of the quality assurance program...

Production line optimization is being considered as a part of the ongoing research program with CIFT & Datamatrix.

The plant today is among one of the Virtual Manufacturing Units andis among one of the most Sustainable Fish Processing Industries in India, with one of the lowest carbon foot print on their produce.