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Water Datamatrix Platform

Smart Water-Energy Grid

For Urban and Rural Water Management

Integrated Water Energy Resource Management

Solving Water-Energy Nexus









Monitoring &


Smart Water-Energy Grid

The problem we solve

Sustainable Urban & Rural Water Management

Integrated Water-Energy Resource Management

Water-Energy Nexus

Unique Approach

Co-management of surface and ground water resources for resilient cities

Connect agrarian communities to Smart Grid

Model hydraulics and pump performance from energy data (Refer Virtual Metering Platform)

Ground water draft and aquifer properties simulated from the energy

Case Study

Case Study-1:


National Bank of Agriculture & Rural Development

Sustainable Water Management of Buchkewadi Village


NABARD is the apex development financial institution in India and has extended various programs for Buchkewadi Village

The water and irrigation requirement of two village was met through a Minor Irrigation dam constructed by USAID

Though the water was sufficient to last throughout the year for agriculture, the stock was fully exhausted in about 6 months time, due to the lack of monitoring water at a farm level and wastages


NABARD has brought in Datamatrix and supported the Project through FIPF (Farming Innovation Project Fund)

All pumps withdrawing the water from the dam where brought under a micro grid of Datamatrix

Datamatrix provided a dashboard to the Village Panchayat (Village Administration) to monitor the water withdrawal by each society /farmer accounting their real time energy and water use

The villagers where able to access the real time energy and water efficiency and significantly improved the water use efficiency


The water availability of the village from the MI Dam has increased from 6 months to 8 Months

The water dispute with the nearby village got resolved

Overdrawing and misuse of water resources by some villagers was eliminated

Case Study-2:

Rural Smart Grid

Columbia University

Integrated Water-Energy Resource Management


Columbia University was executing a program at Mehsana, Gujrat for improving sustainability of Agriculture under CIPT Grant

The water table at many parts of Northern Gujarat was receding at an alarming rate and the farmers had to resort to dig new wells, some of them exceeding 1000feet in depth

The subsidized energy regime was one of the root cause of the problem and Datamatrix was brought into the project for understanding and resolving the water-energy nexus challenges


Datamatrix provided a micro grid for the agricultural pumps in the village and monitored the energy use at the pump

The water withdrawal and the draft and the aquifer properties where continuously simulated and monitored, to identify and solve the challenges scientifically, using Datamtrix Technology as depicted in the following fig.


The scientific factors affecting the water depletion was understood and well calibrated

Monitored farm level water management for equitable water distribution achieved 20% reduction in water use

Case Study-3:

Municipal Energy & Water Efficiency

Municipal Corporation of Pune & Pimpri-Chinchwad


The Government of India has undertaken one of the largest Smart City initiatives in the world, to transform 100 Cities of India into Smart Cities. Pune & PCMC Corporations are selected for the smart city program by the Government of India

Applying Smart Solutions to the Infrastructure is one of the prime objectives of the mission. At the root of this challenge is the sagging infrastructure of the water utilities and the inefficient operations aggravated by the lack of capital for asset renewals. The fundamental challenge each water and waste water utility is trying to address is how to optimize performance and reduce cost within the current setup, leveraging knowledge


Datamatrix has successfully undertaken pilot projects for both the corporations. Datamatrix pilot program has been acknowledged as an affiliated IEEE Smart City against a Global competition, based on the merits of the technology. Datamatrix is able to tackle the following opportunities for sustainability monitoring and resource optimization of the city

Datamatrix is also working on co-management of surface and ground water for resilient cities


Datamatrix Technology was deployed for integrated surface and ground water management monitoring at major pumping stations (Please refer Virtual Metering Platform) as well as monitoring the ground water use in the city as shown in above case study. The project has achieved 6% reduction in the energy consumption due to optimum sequencing at the pumping station. The project has also improved water availability and resilience during peak summer seasons due to the management of surface and ground water resources.